Tom's Picture Gallery

The Twins

Scott Thomas Leathrum (left) and Erin Marie Leathrum (right)
Image scanned from photo taken at age 12 months
by studio in Sears, Oxford, AL
They were born Wednesday April 12, 2000, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. I also have photos of them at UAB Hospital, at 3 weeks old (photo taken at Anniston Regional Medical Center by FirstFoto), and at 3 1/2 months (photo by studio at WalMart, Anniston, AL).
My wife and I recently bought a scanner for our home computer, so I have been uploading some pictures to my web page here. The picture of me on my main page was generated this way, and is a heavily cropped version of a picture from our wedding.

My wife, Laura
This photograph was taken June 6, 1997,
on the day of our wedding,
at Barnsley Gardens, Adairsville, GA.

Both of us
at our wedding

Our dogs
Belle (left), Border Collie mix, about 3 years old
Cassie (right), Black Laborador Retriever, about 6 years old

My niece, Colleen (top)
and nephews, Duncan (left) and Travis (right)
photograph taken July 1997

Revised - May 9, 2000

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