Taylor Polynomials

Graphs a function f(x) and the Taylor polynomial approximations to f(x) up to degree 4 for a given c value (the center point for the Taylor polynomials).
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Try the Derivative Calculator.
How to use
The text input fields marked "f (x)=", "f '(x)=", etc., can accept a wide variety of expressions to represent functions. The text input field marked "c=" can accept a real number in decimal notation. The buttons under the graph allow various manipulations of the graph coordinates.

For assistance computing the derivatives f '(x), f ''(x), etc., try the Derivative Calculator.

f (x) = ex
f '(x) = ex
f ''(x) = ex
f '''(x) = ex
f ''''(x) = ex     
c = 1
f (x) = sin x
f '(x) = cos x
f ''(x) = -sin x
f '''(x) = -cos x
f ''''(x) = sin x
c = 0

Other Notes
The degree one Taylor polynomial (tangent line) will be shown in blue, degree two in red, degree three in green, and degree four in orange.