Spherical Coordinates (3-D Graphing)

Graphs functions of the form r=f(θ,φ) using spherical coordinates in three dimensions.
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How to use
The text input fields for functions can accept a wide variety of expressions to represent functions, and the buttons under the graph allow various manipulations of the graph coordinates.
For another way to view surfaces, try the "wireframe" representation.
f1(θ,φ)=3/sin φ
f1(θ,φ)= 3/(cos θ sin φ)

Other Notes
Surfaces in three dimensions are represented in "faceted hidden surface" form. The facets are not subdivided at intersections of surfaces if more than one surface is drawn, so intersections of surfaces are not precise. The "wireframe" represenation for surfaces, in which the surface is transparent, only draws one surface at a time.