How to use
Enter the formula for the nth term an (in terms of the variable n) in the text input field marked "nth term =".

 Example: an=1/n!

Click the "Graph" button (this button also refreshes the graph).

To erase the text input field and set the starting value of n to a default value, click the "Clear" button.

 Harmonic: an = 1/n, start with n=1 (diverges)

 Alternating: an = (-1)n/n, start with n=1 (converges)

 p-Series: an = 1/n2, start with n=1 (converges)

 Factorial: an = 1/n!, start with n=0 (converges)

Other Notes
The graph shows the terms of the sequence {an} in red and partial sums of the series  an (i.e. the terms of the sequence {Sn} where Sn=a0+a1+...+an) in blue on the same set of axes.