How to Use
Enter a function f (x,y) in the text input field marked "f(x,y)=".

    Example: f (x,y)= 5-x2-y2

Click the "Graph" button (this button also refreshes the graph).

Rotate the graph by clicking and dragging the mouse on the graph.

To erase the graph and all input fields, click the "Clear" button.

 Plane: f (x,y)=x-2y

 Hemisphere: f (x,y)=(25-x2-y2)

 Paraboloid: f (x,y)=x2+y2-8

 Saddle: f (x,y)=(x2-y2)/10

 Waves: f (x,y)=cos(x-y)

 Ripples: f (x,y)=cos(2(x2+y2))

Other Notes
Surfaces in three dimensions are represented in "wireframe" form. The "faceted hidden surface" representation allows for more than one surface to be drawn.